my father is basically going to be on his own, family not living close by and there are other reasons . he is ok at this time but will need someone to sit with him and work out a plan for when he cannot take care of himself.

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Nancy, I see you live here in northern Virginia, I am up the road from you. Here is a good website that will be helpful in finding information for your Dad.
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1. You might be able to get his doctor to script for home care, including a nurse and social worker to help with the short or long term plans.

2. I just discovered yesterday that our county has some activities like "companionship" programs, by which folks from a church or other groups can visit seniors.

3. Research to determine if there are senior centers in his area, and check transportation as well. Some centers have affiliations with public transit companies to provide transportation for seniors to and from senior center events.

4. Check local libraries for various programs that might interest him - music, movies, book clubs, discussion groups.

Some of these options might not be appropriate for the future, but might provide him with company now, helping to alleviate loneliness.

It would probably help if you also knew what options are available in terms of emergencies, transit, etc. so you can help guide him if he needs that assistance.

I think it would also be helpful if you and the family helped him develop plans for his future. He may feel more comfort if the family were involved, since he's going to be alone.
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