She does not see or hear well. Tries to get up, but can not walk safely by herself. Needs 24/7/364 care. I m burning out after almost 2 years of constant caring for her and not being able to even go out to eat or see friends. I will not put her in nursing home, but just need a little time to myself. What can I do?

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ImTired, it sounds like you need to look around for respite relief. It would probably be easiest to hire a caregiver to come in on certain days and give you a break. Maybe you can hire one 1-3 days a week. Sometimes the states will have a little money to help pay for respite, but from what I've seen it is not much.

There is another option, but it might be confusing for your mother. Some nursing homes offer respite. You can have your mother stay a few days while you go on vacation. This is expensive, but your sanity is worth it.

In your position, I think I would opt for having someone come in. It would be very good use of your mother's money to give you time away each week.

Have you considered bringing in hospice? Sometimes they offer respite time as part of their services. I hope you are able to find someone so you can take breaks each week.
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