What could be cause of this eating distraction and low activity level?


My father had a brain haemorrhage many years ago leaving him with a left side stroke/paralysis he has very limited mobility with assistance. My mother was his caregiver until she passed away 2 years back. I quit my job and moved across continent to take care of him. I'm now his primary caregiver and have been observing a lot of changes in him which i'm not sure how to deal with:
1. Eating - We ask him and give him his food, after 2-3 spoons he starts creating a fuss to have his plate removed ALTHOUGH he continues to eat. he gets angry after a while that we haven't removed his plate. We keep the plate at the side and give it to him after 15-20 minutes, he again starts eating and its the same cycle. What could be cause for this? How do I deal or effectively ensure that he eats to his stomach's full.

2. Mood swings - His mood swings are all over the place and it can change every 5 mins. I wouldn't even know what would have caused him angry...he can get really nasty during those times and lash out at us and call us names. Later, when I ask him he apologizes and says he doesn't remember and cannot seem to control his mood and anger. History: He was a very patient man whom ive never heard cursing anyone of scolding. It's difficult to see him like this.

3. Social outings: We go to someone's place on his request, his tolerance level of being outside at anyone's house is maximum 1 hour. He will eat what is given and immediately want to leave. if we don't leave, he starts scolding. I want him to have his outings but I do not know the cause for his behavior and how I can deal with this or change his attitude.

I have tried talking to him on each and every point of the above, but it doesn't seem to improve. I'm at my home stretch pregnancy and would really like him to enjoy the new arrival of his family. He doesn't show any excitement or even ask me if I'm doing okay.

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Taking him to the doctor this week was evaluation. They had prescribed anti paranoia drug last time so there are some changes but others remain. Not sure what the problem is?
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This sounds like a significant change in mental status. What does his doctor suggest?
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