Caregiving the COPD patient. Any advice?


Caregiving to loved ones who are on Oxygen 24/7

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Try using a No Rinse shampoo and wash instead. It doesn't require immersion and getting in and out of the shower, and his cannula can be left on, just lifted to washing under his nose.

No Rinse solutions are used in hospitals; we've used them and they work. It's not as refreshing as standing under a shower but it certainly does substitute for needing to be washed up.

I bought ours for less than $10 (yes, they're expensive) at Walgreen's. It's applied manually, with a wash cloth if desired, worked in, then towel dried. No rinsing required. No climbing in and out of the bathtub or shower. No getting breathless and no shivering.

He can even "bathe" sitting down in a warm room.
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Showering? Any advice on helping person who won't shower because he gets out of breath undressing, showering and then dressing again. He has a shower chair. He will take a bird bath. He is very strong willed.
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Bonnie, what are your specific concerns? Is it management of the oxygen concentrator? Friction behind the ears from the chafe of the cannula tubing? Medicines for COPD?

Could you be more specific on the issues that concern you?
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