I know choosing the ideal diaper can be difficult; reviews can help you a lot while choosing one, but you can't say unless you wear one.
I have read that for more retentiveness the Attends slip all in ones are good. They have re-fastenable tape tabs on each side, which would be useful in the case you have difficulty in wearing one.
On the other hand, TENA absorbs liquid well and are created for better lie-down protection, can help a lot with the leaks. But heard it is not so good with odour control!
Whereas, Prevail is good with odour control and has a good texture which reduces skin irritation.
However, the best way to decide if a brand fits you is to try the product on! That wouldn't be a tricky task when free adult diaper samples are available everywhere! So is there someone out there who has tried all three brands and is willing to share their experiences?
Any help would be appreciated!

To be honest, it depends.

Discretion, Absorbancy, cost, etc are all considerations. The brands you listed I consider "value" or "entry level" brands. Yes, they're inexpensive. But, when it comes to incontinence products, you get what you pay for.

The value brands work. For very short periods (usually one small wetting) and must be changed immediately due to the high pulp to SAP ratio. Pulp simply wicks moisture away without "storing" it. Leaving the liquid to be pressed out, causing leaks and increasing the risk of skin breakdown.
Higher end products tend to be more comfortable, more secure (we'll get to why in a minute), and are actually a better value in the long run. Higher end products (Abena, Tranquility, Northshore) tend to use more SAP (super absorbant polymer) in their products which, absorbs the liquid and stores it in a gel form away from the skin resulting more comfort, fewer changes and healthier skin. They also tend to use more elastic in the waistband, around the legs and in "leak guards" in the crotch area, helping to reduce leaks.
Northshore's "Megamax" and Abena's "M4", for example, touts a 3700 to 5000ml Absorbancy rating. The massive absorbancy combined with PH neutralizing tech and SAP means the brief will require 2-3 changes per day instead of several changes for the lower end products (of course, bowel movements should ALWAYS be changed immediately).
Most suppliers will provide a sample package to help you decide what works best for your situation.
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My mother is 100% incontinent and swears by Tena super absorbent overnites. I wish I had created a spreadsheet for all of the brands we tried over a two year period. Sometimes she wears a pad as well with the disposable underwear.
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Prevail is excellent for those who have skin problems such as rashes and irritation. My father had moderate incontinence, and he never complained about using it as it gave him comfort; after all, the skin is the priority! This article helped me a lot while choosing an adult diaper for my father: ;
You should take a look!
As far as these brands are considered, none of them is a terrible choice. I used to buy these for my father from an online store.
Maybe it is helpful for you too.
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I would say fit and absorbency is most important. My mom needed the smallest size. She wanted the most absorbing pads and diapers available.

When I toured facilities that I was considering for my mom a nurse told me that they ordered the best brands in bulk for the residents.

So you may want to call nearby facilities to see if they can make suggestions. Worth a try. Good luck finding the best solution for your mom’s needs.
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My mom liked Depends Night Defense. She was very petite and thought they fit the best and were very absorbent.
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You have mentioned 3 but there are dozens of brands and each brand has dozens of options, each have their own loyal following.
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