Which diapers do you recommend for incontinence?

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The choice of diaper will depend on:
• the type of incontinence (urinary, bowel or both; intermittent, stress, total; personal bowel habit, etc. etc.);
• when and where it is to be worn (day or night time, under what clothing, for a person who is mobile or wheelchair bound or bed bound, etc. etc.);
• the level of absorbency needed;
• personal preference - for example, some brands are a better match for some shapes of body, see JoAnn's reply.

You will find that most of the major brands, and the major online distributors (Google "continence care supplies"), offer good advice on choosing the best product for an individual's needs. And some of them offer free samples, too :)
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May I suggest that you contact a nursing home in your area to see if they have recommendations for you. When I was researching assisted living and nursing home facilities I asked them about this concern. They were extremely helpful as to which products they use and prefer. Call and inquire. It can't hurt to ask.
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I always liked Walgreens Serenity. They ran a little bigger in the tummy area where Mom needed it. They would go on sale buy one get the second 50% off. Monthly coupon book would have $5 off a pkg every so often.
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Countrymouse Oct 16, 2020

I'm just picturing us leafing through our exciting coupon book to see what treats await us and finding $5 off a packet of adult continence pads. Oh, GOODY!!!
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