Each week the 3 days will be different where is help? he us 51 and has deminitia

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It breaks my heart when I read about a person who is caring for a young Alzheimer's sufferer. You have your life to live . . . a living to earn . . . and the TREMENDOUS responsibility of caring for someone you love who needs constant supervision. I am so sorry for your plight. Life isn't fair.

I would start calling Medicaid to see what help might be available. Ask your doctor if he can prescribe home health care. I don't know just how helpful that would be, but perhaps it might fit in.

If you haven't had him declared disabled, I would get right on that. Assuming he has a work history, he should have no trouble getting on disability; the monthly check should come in very handy with care giving.

There are all kinds of private agencies who provide this kind of service. They aren't cheap though. Pam's listed several. You can Google and find more.

Oh, one thought. Mom goes to an Adult Day Care Center nearby. She only goes one day a week, but could go five. They're open Monday thru Friday. She can "call her days" from week to week. The charge (with me sending her a lunchbox) is $53 a day. I doubt you'd find ANYTHING less expensive than that. Hours are from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM sharp. Google Adult Day Care (your town) and see what comes up.

Call your local hospital and ask for Social Services. Check with them about what kinds of help might be available. They're local experts.
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His doctor would order home care, or you can call home care agencies near you . I found three in Batesville, AR
Wrmc Progressive Home Care
Approve Home Medical Services
Progressive Home Care
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