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800 950 NAMI
That is the number for National Alliance for Mental Illness.
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I'm aware of an on-line therapist source called "Better" that is well recommended, although there are a LOT of on-line opportunities out there in the past year, especially. I've not used any (because I still speak to my therapist by phone), but a good friend's adult daughter 'gifted' her with a dozen sessions with a therapist of her choice, after her husband died this past year (not the daughter's father). My friend is really impressed and satisfied. And, stick close to this forum and know you are not alone!!
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Go to your doctor or contact the hospital involved with your care, your insurance. They will guide you in seeking counseling. Often psychologists are replaced these days with Social Workers specially trained in certain areas. Start at the office of your own MD for referrals.
You may also find help from the Suicide Hotline, a national hotline. Make it clear to them upon calling that you are NOT suicidal IF you are not, and tell them you need to seek care for depression, and what area you live in. Ask them for referral numbers you might try. That hotline number is 800 273 8255
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