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You are amazing being so open.
I stumble writing these words ~ so many of us are dealing with incompentent parents.
Not you!
I hate when the condescending Pt & OT's enter my home to "treat" my intelligent father. Doing their job.
He laughs it off. part of the procedure.

It seems they try to make him feel incompendent ...
running him thru simple tasks like he is a child.
Wipes out his dignity.

Please don't let it happen to you.

Stay on this site ~ Please!
I think you have more to offer us than we might offer you.
I can't imagine you being incompentent ~ that comment alone says you are smart & together.
*As much as we can be in this aging world.

I , for one, will be looking for your comments.

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I raise the question because as an aging parent living with a son, I struggle to maintain my independence. Reaching a certain age shouldn't mean you can't make mistakes or you automatically become incompetent.
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Great idea!
I often sit with Dad & share posts. Something to do together, often sad.
He lived in a senior independent living apt until age & catheter problems made him living with me a better deal. He misses his few friends but won't call them.
Unfortunately, he has no interest is computers & his vision & dexterity prevents him.

I've been wondering about phone communication. Most of his peers have passed & he is stuck here alone with me. He used to hate the phone, but frankly, we have our best conversations on our cell phones when I am in another part of the house. No shouting over the TV.

I wish there were some kind of Hot Line for these bright oldsters to they could vent about their caring kids. Or some way he could use a voice activated system. (his hands are cripled)
He has too much life to share.
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