What list of information is required of the elder’s health when they go to the doctor?

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The only "lists" I take with me when Mom goes to a new doc are her lists of medications and dates of surgeries. Most doctors have a form that you fill out right there in the office that cover everything else.
Between myself and my spouse, we have 18 doctors, not counting other allied medical.......there are a TON of forms. Most of it is incredibly redundant. I purchased a stamp and ink pad that says each name and address ( just like what doctors also use to stamp THEIR side of forms, and I DO point this out, lol), and another one that says "see attached" then i created our own version of most of the standard forms. It lists current information (I print out the med list from a great website called Care Zone, which also tracks dosage and refills).....and other information such as allergies, surgery dates, family medical history, list of medical problems, lists of doctors, list of questions for the doctor, pharmacy name and address, etc. Make copies the night before. I also print out my food logs when i see my doctors, which i track on a site called my fitness pal. helps track changes and everything is online and has phone apps. much easier than trying to write so much! I only had one doctor hassle me over it and i told them that it accommodated for my ongoing mobility issues and arthritis, which i am supposed to protect my hands.
Now a days, most doctors have websites where one can print off the new patient form, so it can be filled in before going to the doctors :) That was a relief as I was getting so tired trying to fill out forms quickly to hand back to the Staff while sitting in the waiting room to give to a new doctor, especially if I was filling them out for both my parents.

And with the Affordable Care Act, doctors are now required to place all the patient information on a computer, thus making it easier to send information between doctors. Thus if a doctor needs a recent x-ray, a few clicks on his/her computer and up pops the x-ray from an imaging center.
Bring a spreadsheet that has all medications listed with dosage and frequency and who prescribed them and what for, a list of all surgeries with dates and what hospital, a list of all relevant tests with dates and where they were done and when and a list of all other doctors the patient sees with name address and phone number.

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