My husband's father has been having strokes/seizures off and on for the past 5-6 years. He lives on his own and also suffers from extreme hoarding. This week he had a seizure in a store, fell off a scooter, and banged his head pretty good. He was hospitalized for two nights and released today. He is no longer supposed to drive and the doctor has said he needs to use a walker or wheelchair. Sadly, due to the condition of his home, there are no pathways large enough to support either. In fact, he is at great risk for falling. My husband is moving him over to our side of town and is going to set him up in one of the vacant rental properties he owns. At this moment, we are both functioning in panic mode. The two of them have a strained relationship and his parents are divorced. My husband is an only child. I want to help but I don't know all the details of his health, finances, etc. I'm at a loss and trying to be supportive. I don't even know the first thing to do, other than pray really hard. After we get him into a safe place to live, what do we need to be doing?

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well, how does he feel about you guys helping clean his house? if hes for it, great!! if not, can you get ahold of a friend of his, or a church member that can help talk to him? or at least keep him feeling better when your husband is there.( you said relationship was strained.have a mutual person there to make him feel better. just dont tell him, just say 'dudes here to help clean') thats good you can get him out of the house, is he happy to stay at the new place or is he going kicking and screaming? sometimes we have to do what we know is right, even if it makes someone mad.
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