I have found the one of the hardest things to do is find good help. We are fortunate that we have resources; however, finding good help is hard. hard. Interviewing, asking the correct questions and trust are huge in getting others to help. It just does not happen with a snap of your fingers. The turnover is quick also. How do you not get frustrated? It's like running a business but with worse it involves a loved one. If anyone has any suggestions I am open. I have been doing yoga to keep me from have too much anxiety, That works for me. I am also raising my own kids and have a husbands that helps. it's not easy at all.

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You are right - it's hard. I was raising kids (one with chronic health problems) and coping with multiple elders at the same time, so I hear you.
Are you working with an in-home agency? They can often be easier than hiring your own care. Of course, you want to choose between agencies, too, if you can. So, none of it is easy.

I'm glad you are relaxing with yoga. We all need to find ways to help ourselves unwind. Our health is vital to all - and that's probably the hardest thing to remember.
Continue taking care of yourself,
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