I feel like my relationship has been going downhill ever since we got married.

In the beginning of the relationship, it really felt like it’s the best thing of our lives because it’s our first true relationship and we try to do everything together. But it seemed like ever since we got engaged, problems seems to be appearing nonstop. we have mortgage issues, us living with our parents issue, money issue, u name it

We fight a lot over small things, he seems to feel more comfortable talking to everyone else but me about our problems. I felt very mistreated because all those nasty things he has been saying to me. Not that I don’t say anything bad but it doesn’t hurt has bad as his. Sometimes it’s get so aggressive that he would throw things and we might even get physical. At this point, I’m not sure even I made it worse by talking to him about me going back to school to further my education and he’s helping me with mortgage..

I'm not sure if I should continue to stay because of our history together..I’m not sure if there is any point of staying. And it was even the fact that he said he doesn’t need me and even tho he said he took it all back but it’s like it’s not like I’m not trying my best here by trying to maintain the peace in the house but why am I the one who is wrong all the time? Why does he have to make me feel this way? He made me feel like I can’t even talk to him at all, but why does he always have to push it this far?

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You asked a similar question recently. Not sure what more we can do to help. You have your Parents and his Mom living with you. Not a good thing. And it seems like ur Mom thinks the house is hers. Bad all around.

We are mainly a care giver forum made of people taking care of elderly parents, husband, wife, a friend or a family member. I think you and your husband need more than we can give you. My opinion, you have taken on more than you can handle. Your parents are young enough to care for themselves. A young married couple should be alone. First year of marriage is hard enough without putting parents into the mix. You maybe should not have bought a house until you and husband could afford it.

I think before you give up on this marriage you and hubby need to see a marriage counselor. Someone who is impartial. Maybe each talk to him alone and then bring you together. I would tell no one in the house what you r doing. I also think that your house will never be yours because Mom thinks its partially hers. Best thing maybe putting it up for sale, pay your parents what they put in and get separate living places. No where near each other. His Mom too will need to find a place of her own. Worry about buying a house after you have gone to school and get your career going.

I hope you are able to sort this all out. It may just be too overwhelming for hubby.
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