My husband is not mobile. He is incontinence and getting pressure sores on his bottom and other areas on his body. Are there a specific mattress and skin protection ointment/cream that will prevent pressures sores.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Optifoam dressings are great for preventing pressure sores for forming or in the care of them once they form. This can be left on for up to 7 days. My wife's home health agency provides them for us otherwise I do not think I could afford them as they are pricey!

For skin protection ointment/cream, I use Calazime.
I also use A & D Original ointment.

When she last admitted to a SNF for rehab,She had NO pressure sores, not even pressure marks on her rear end. When she came home after about 7 weeks, she had a pressure sore a little larger than a quarter and a little deeper than 3 quarters stacked on each other. This took approximately 3 & 1/2 months of extensive care and protection from pressure to heal.
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My mom's hospice has provided an air mattress like the ones others have described. It seems to have done the trick.

She's had a pressure sore on her heel from a hospital stay all the way back in December, and last week the dead skin finally fell off. In it's place is a horrific, 7 centimeter (2 3/4") deep hole in the bottom of her heel. I cannot imagine how this can possible heal, but the hospice nurse is doing everything she can to keep it from becoming infected.

Do everything you possibly can to prevent pressure sores. They're absolutely ghastly.
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LoveLea Jun 15, 2021
You can purchase sleep boots from Walmart for her to sleep in. It’s big marshmallow boots that you Velcro her feet into. It prevents her feet from pressing against the mattress. Works perfectly.
The air mattress has saved mom and any hospital stay without it create sores. I paid like 50/75 extra a month for her DME equipment place to provide it and after 9/10 months it was considered paid and any problems they replace it. I have also see the full mattress on Amazon for a few hundred dollars - I only kept with the DME one and paid the copay so they would always service it or replace it- and always within 24 hours they would come out - it was well worth it for me to pay a little more overall (than buy it from Amazon) and always have the DME company repair/service or replace it. One of our greatest investments for her health.
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Dh just spent a week in the hospital and he was not allowed out of bed, so he was really stuck there.

He's 6'5" tall and was NOT looking fwd to a stay in a short, hard bed.

Lo and behold, they had an XL bed with an air mattress on it that shifted 'hotspots' around. I thought it would feel weird, but he said, just BEFORE a spot became irritated or sore, the mattress would move inflation areas just enough to keep him comfy. He's kind of missing that bed and wants to look into a real high quality 'home style' bed for home.
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My sister had a rotating compression air mattress supplied by hospice, the best available for keeping pressure off. She could not be turned or moved because she had broken vertebrae from cancer. She ended up getting pressure sores, so, you have to try and get his position shifted or sores are going to happen.

If he can be rolled on his sides every couple of hours, for as long as possible, this will help stop and heal the sores.

I recommend colloidal silver as an anti bacterial spray, keeping him as dry as possible and Aquaphor healing ointment.

Best of luck getting this healed and finding a way to prevent them.
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An air mattress. Fits right on top of the one already there.
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