Anyone found anything that works to help keep someone in the chair? ("seatbelt" straps are not allowed in memory care)

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It’s interesting to read about this issue. It’s not uncommon.

I wonder how many injuries are due to falls. I am 65 and now every visit that I have at my doctor’s office, I am asked if I have had any falls. It makes me feel old!
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I cannot say this loud enough DYCEM. Amazon sells it in a roll. Super grippy sheet of plastic. Saved my sanity. Dad was always scooting out of the chair because his behind hurt. THAT is another issue...
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Grandma1954 May 28, 2021
That is the stuff I was referring to. I did not know the name of it as it was supplied by Hospice and I got a piece about 2X2. All I know is that it worked to prevent him from slipping out. He would not slip out but the cushion he was on would slip. This prevented the cushion from slipping.
There are wheelchairs that can be tilted back a bit that makes getting out a bit more difficult.
There are "non slip" gel like "sticky" sheets that can be put on the seat. This prevents sliding out or scooting up in the seat. (almost like the pads you can put on your dashboard to prevent you phone from sliding, or the lint roller that you can rinse off and reuse)
Some places will use an alarm that attaches to the chair and the back of a shirt so if the person tries to get up breaking the connection an alarm will sound. Some places will not use that as it can be disruptive.
Usually trays are not allowed as they are also considered a restraint.

I have to wonder though if he was trying to scoot up in the chair when was the last time staff checked on him to reposition him. Minimum should be a check every 2 hours for a soiled brief, or toileting and repositioning and in general checking to see if he needs anything.
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My grannie had a lap table that was made out of some type of foam.

It kept her in her wheelchair and gave her somewhere to hold her baby doll.

It looked really comfortable for her and she didn't mind it at all.

Ask the doctor for a prescription for something like that. I am sorry I don't know the name, the facility recommended it because she would just ooze out of her chair.
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Oh gosh, some people are more prone to falls. My mom was prone to falls due to Parkinson’s disease. Mom had a habit of pushing the buttons on the power lift chair and she would practically fly out of the chair. She would fall off. Her physical therapist said that plenty of people fall out of chairs.

I know that seatbelts are supposed to be prohibited but let me tell you that I have seen them being used in nursing homes here. There is a shortage of help. So, if they aren’t used, then the residents will end up on the floor.

Best wishes to you and your family.
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My mom wears 'calcutta' fabric pants only. they have some gripping factor when using her wheelchair. Downside is that they hold on to the smells of urine more than polyester. She dries them on high and tyhe smell is really imbedded.

BUT, she never slips out of the wheelchair nor off of a chair cushion.
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Antislippery pants? Sounds like a good idea because his are nylon lightweight (since we live in the desert). Where did you find them and what are they made of?
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This is a great primer on wheelchair cushions. And yes, the OT can help here.

Medicare will pay for this 80% as Durable Medical Equipment if prescibed.
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Sounds like he is sliding forward? Try googling "anti thrust wheelchair cushions".
(You might want to get an OT involved in this)
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lealonnie1 May 25, 2021
My mother has 'slipped' out of her wheelchair some 15x already. Nothing has worked, not even PT & OT & several new cushions. She's lost core strength, sits too close to the edge of the chair, and BAM, she winds up sliding out, even WITH the CGs helping her sit back in the chair. I've even gotten her new 'non-slippery' pants, believe it or not. 2 weeks now with no falls of ANY kind which is a miracle.
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