My grandmother has been living with my parents (her son) for 5 years now. She has always been medically depressed, diabetic and she has since then developed dementia. Everything has been fine until last year when our family tackled our hardest obstacle.
My father underwent a quadruple bypass and at the same time my mother was put into a medically induced coma from a critical stage of pneumonia. My parents were in the ICU for a month next to each other.

Until last February, my grandmother was the first priority of the household. Since then, I think it has become too much for my parents to take care of.

What are the steps to getting her into a home?
Thanks in advance,

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You have really had your hands full! I hope your parents are doing better now. Is your grandmother cognizant enough to sign a DPOA for you to manage her care? Is she already on Medicaid or does she have private funds to pay for her care? Do you have an idea of the level of care she needs and where you think she could be cared for? If not perhaps Area on Aging could come to your grandmother and assess her needs. Memory care, Assisted living, Nursing Home, independent living. Group home??
As Katie said earlier, if you think GM has gifted large sums of funds over the past Five years, then you might need to find a NAELA certified attorney to help you apply for Medicaid with all your ducks in a row. You will have to provide five years of financial records when she applies for Medicaid if it is needed. Give us more details for more specific answers.
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This depends on the financial resources that grandma has.

Most NH want her to be self pay for a while first before they will accept a cut over to Medicaid. Does she has the financial resources to pay? Figure about $70k ?

Has grandma given away any assets or money in the last 5 years? If so, that money will have to be returned or those people who received it will have to pay the NH that money....meanwhile, Medicaid will not accept grandmas application

So..guessing that the resources are there....start by called the local council on aging. They can get you a list of NH that will accept Medicaid. Then..go look. Get materials from them...find out what each has for application process and time table.

It is a fair amount of work.
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