My ma got sick and I had to rush her to the hospital, took time off work to care of her I was afraid she end up dead. Nobody barely there for my brother and I. I am stress out. She is weak, she can't be alone. My brother and I can't sleep because she in pain. We all are tired. She cries a lot and she thinks I make fun of her and threatens to kill me. My brother argues with me for no reason. I am doing the best I can. So I do not want to live with my mom no more or my family. I do not want her in a nursing home. Forgive me for saying this, I dont like her nor want her dead. I can't do it alone so what to do guys? Your answers will be great .GOD BLESS.

You say "she cannot be alone with my brother". Why not?
She is ill with TB I read below. That amounts, today, to a treatment with medications. Is she taking those medications? Is she regularily seeing a doctor. Who manages her medications.
You are welcome to leave, but if you have concerns to her care in doing that it is very important that you report to her doctor, to any involved in her care, that she is being left in the care of your brother, who currently (for whatever reason) you feel is not up to her care.
It is sounding to me as though your Mom should be placed in care. At some point, that is going to mean a 911 call to EMS to get her transported to a hospital. At the hospital do tell the people right away that you cannot care for Mom in the home any more, neither you nor your brother. Tell them she will now need a social worker to get her placement. They will try to tell you that they will help you at home, but you need to REFUSE to take her home. Because they will not long provide you with any help; it is their way of getting you out of the way for a bit.
It is clear that for whatever reasons you and your brother are not up to caring for Mom now. You will have to see to it she is placed where others can care for her, and you can visit her and be supportive in that way.
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she was sick because she had tb
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lealonnie1 Sep 12, 2019
Wow, tb is pretty serious! Did they give her medicine to take at home?
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I'm sorry you are going thru this! What was wrong with mom when she was hospitalized, and what were the discharge instructions when she was released? Did they give her medicine to take? Can you call your mom's doctor to let him know that she's up all night crying, weak and in pain? If she is having a very bad time of things, you can call 911 and have the EMTs come by the house to evaluate her & see if she needs to go back to the hospital. If so, she may qualify for 20 days of rehab in a Skilled Nursing Facility. This does not mean you are 'putting her in a nursing home'.......only that she would stay in one for 20 days while regaining her strength & stamina through physical and occupational therapies. If she has bad dementia, however, a nursing home or Memory Care community may be the best answer for her safety and for your well-being in general. Dementia can reach a point where it's too much to handle at home.

I'm sure this is VERY difficult for your brother & yourself to cope with, but try to find answers to help your mom instead of thinking about running away. You will feel SO good about yourself if you are able to help her, right?

Good luck!
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Stressoutgirl22 Sep 12, 2019
She has tb .and thanks for the kind words she did went to doctor and gave her pain meds.
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