Hey guys, I posted a couple of weeks ago about my mother dealing with a harassing roommate and the facility not doing much about it. I took you guys' advice and I contacted the local ombudsman. Initially, during the first phone call, they came off like they understood where I was coming from, sounded eager to help, and even assured me that federal law trumps the facility's policies. Coincidentally, the ombudsman also told me she had just came in and spoke with the social worker and called her by her first name. After she told me this, I immediately lost confidence because they are very familiar with each other and I again felt like there would be no help, I'd be treated condescendingly and just repeated the "policies" and YEP, that's exactly what happened. I literally can not make this stuff up. I was told the social worker had conflicting reports from the nurses. As if I'd be lying about my mother being harassed when I have seen and experienced her roommates behavior EACH VISIT I'm there, with my own two eyes. The nurses only come in the rooms to give medication. No one is checking in on a regular and documenting as much as they should. So if the nurses are not doing their jobs and they just refuse to take my word for it that my mother is being harassed, what can I do short of trying to find another facility (she'd still be suffering waiting for another bed to open elsewhere) or quitting my job to care for my mother myself?

I feel so stuck and helpless. The ombudsman had the nerve to tell me to call the hotline if I feel like I'm not satisfied with their (lack of) help.

What to do next? It's hard for me to sleep at night knowing my mother is not getting sleep because she is daily being disturbed by her roommate.

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Call the State Dept that oversees Nursing Homes. Tell them u got nowhere with the Ombudsman. Mom has rights. The right to feel safe. She is a resident not a patient. Whether private pay or Medicaid her money is going towards her care.
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