My mother has recently been put on oxygen full time and is quite independent at age 95, but will need someone to take her on errands and doctor's appointments now. Along with instruction with certain things in her home. Yes, she lives alone & won't budge :-) We are all 3 hours away and visit often, but a wonderful neighbor is helping her out when we are we can't go home as often as she would like. Question is: How much should she be paying her for this help? I believe she is currently giving her $25 per "excursion" - and they do use my mother's car each time. Help? Also, I believe we should do something for this saint of a person for being so good to Mumsy when we can't be there. Ideas? Perhaps a Christmas bonus or gift certificate? Clueless here.

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You are incredibly fortunate, as I'm sure you know. I'd pay this wonderful person at least what an in-home agency would charge per hour. That will vary depending on the area, but you can call a couple of agencies to get an idea. Likely it will be close to $20 an hour. I think a very nice Christmas bonus should be added as well. You obviously appreciate her, so that's good. I'm sure she could use extra money - most people can.
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