When parents moved in with me they had my name added to all accounts just in case anything happened and I needed to get access to their accounts. Now both are seriously ill and I have to deal with their finances. I do have a POA. However, I just learned that my name was not added to their checking account. What is the procedure to get my name on their account if they are both immobile and cannot go to the bank in person?

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You are POA so all you need to do is take the POA to the bank. They will ask you to sign a signature card. Then you write checks, sign your name followed by "as POA". POA ends upon death so prepay death expenses whenever possible. Adding your name to the account is different, you become part owner. I do not think the bank would allow you to change the ownership of the account. If

Keep all documentation to show anything paid out of the account is an expense for your folks.
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If you are in a small(er) town where "everybody knows everybody" you may be able to have a bank rep come to your house. Call the bank and ask someone (higher up) about this issue. Don't ask someone who is low on the totem pole.
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