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I just saw this at the bottom of this site's page: "Senior Care Products." There are several bathing ideas in there, including no rinse wash cloths, soaps, shampoos, sliding benches with backs, and more.  One of the soaps with persimmon says it's good to get rid of 'old people smell,' nonenal which naturally occurs on aged skin.
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It depends on your senior, and your bathroom.
-Make sure the room is warm enough - like a tropical beach in midsummer.
-A towel may be used for warmth and modesty.
-Install good sturdy grab bars - one on the outer edge of the tub/shower, one on the inner wall, and another along the front if possible.
-Get a non slip mat or decals for the floor of the tub/shower.
-Install a hand held shower, one with a bar that allows the height to be adjusted is really nice if the person will be seated.
-Speaking of seats - as GardenArtist mentioned if you have a tub there are many styles of transfer benches that allow someone to sit, then shift into the tub. If you have a shower stall a basic shower chair will do, but do get one with a back.
-Use gentle, easy to rinse bath products.
-Encourage them to wash themselves as much as possible.
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Lilhelp, I didn't either until I saw them used at rehab.   I wish I'd known about them before.  

I'm even thinking they could be used by hikers and  backpackers.
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lilhelp Dec 27, 2019
So helpful!  I just found "Senior Care Products" at the bottom of this site's page & it has some of the products you suggested!  I put it in the answers to add to yours & mine. :)
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Great idea from GardenArtist! 

I've been looking for disposable pre-moistened washing cloths for this, so haven't tried them yet, but plan to.  Several are online;  many fragrance free which helps sensitive skin.  Just type in browser: 'disposable washing cloths for elderly,' and a lot come up. 

I didn't know if it was ok to put site links here, so try these:
(saw some of those on Walmart site, too)
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I'm kind of opinionated on this, especially after I learned years later that I could have used an alternate method for my parents.   It's "no rinse" shower and "no rinse" shampoo.   

It's a lot safer for both the parent and the caregiver, not only b/c there's no lifting of legs while standing to get into a bathtub , or holding onto grab bars in a while standing in a shower.   And it doesn't require complete disrobing, so the element of cold isn't as present.

There are a lot of varieties on the market, some sold in drugstores and others in supermarkets in the pharmacy section.   Some of these seem to be aerosols, and are accompanied with cautionary warnings.    What hospitals and rehab facilities use are more like lotions.   

I just took the lotions used when I had an appendectomy, as hospitals don't reuse personal items.   It's Medline's REMEDY, Phytoplex, a foam spray.  I can't find the shampoo lotion right now though.

If I'm weak, as in after a flu episode, or just lazy, it's an easy way to keep clean.

If your senior does want to shower, though, I'd suggest getting one of the slide over benches, which extend outside the bathtub.  The person sits down on the outside portion, scoots over, holding onto either the chair or grab bars (which are mandatory for shower use.  No standing is necessary.  

These are some examples:

Hope this helps in your situation.
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lilhelp Dec 26, 2019
Thank you!  I've been trying to think of and find things to help with bathing.  Didn't know about spray on cleansers!
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