I don't believe there is any place of the sort in this rural area I live in of 700 people. Any other suggestions? Thank you

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Memory care is a nursing home where the residents suffer primarily from memory-related issues, including Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. In my mother's memory care, the treatment for the residents is focused on memory-boosting activities, such as exercise, trivia, bingo, music therapy, and particularly they do activities that don't require a long time to do. They switch up what they're doing every half-hour, so they're constantly stimulated in various ways and have very consistent routines.

A memory care facility is also going to be locked to keep anyone from wandering away, and a good one will be able to handle the resident from entry until end-of-life without having to transfer them to another type of facility.

Many assisted living homes also have a memory care wing, so you can look into local nursing homes and ask if they have a memory care unit as well. You may have to venture farther than your immediate area to get the proper level of care for your loved one.
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