How do you answer them when they are not reasonable? Like going somewhere and you know that they cannot do what they think they need to do?

When people with dementia are unreasonable you answer them with respect and don't contradict them. Try not to insist that what they're saying is unreasonable.

"Mom, don't be ridiculous. We never lived in Las Vegas while we were growing up. Why would you think that??"

Instead try: "Mom, you have a good memory. What do you remember about those times in Las Vegas?"

(Maybe you've never lived in Las Vegas but if that's what she's ruminating on, let her. It doesn't hurt anything for her to think that)
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Distract and redirect. Repeat. Sorry, I know that gets old very fast.
Try to plan activities that will engage them and keep them from obsessively ruminating about hot button topics, depending on their circumstances they can do chores like dusting and folding laundry or organizing the tool/sewing box or sorting coins. I think getting them out and involved in activities like adult day care is a great way to help fill their days.
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Check out Teepa Snow videos on YouTube. She teaches posituve methods for dealing with folks with dementia.
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