My dad died in January, he had about 800.00 left on his card. I guess once we notified social security of his death, they closed his card. Direct express sent me a form to get the funds. They said I needed his death certificate, which I have, and court document. Not sure what court document and I guess it’s the court where he died in Alabama. I know my mom is entitled to the money, but she is staying with my older sister who has been draining her benefits since she moved there.

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When my brother passed away in order for me to access the money in his checking account I had to go to his county seat probate court and get an administrator certificate. I needed his death certificate and proof I was his sister. They issued it right in the office. I believe it cost me $130 for the ppwk. Then took it to the Bank. The Bank of America branch that was his still wouldn’t let me get into his safe deposit box - and I quote the assistant manager - BoA had first digs on that (the safe deposit box) “to assure that there is nothing in there that is due to the Bank of America first”.
Well that set me off as that is illegal.
I eventually got my way. However they gave me 1/2 the money then and I had to submit more ppwk to the state of NJ who issued me another certificate to get the other half.
I will never bank at BoA ever.
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They probably want a Letter of Testamentary/administration. The Clerk of Court issues this to the person who is the executor or administrator of the estate.
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I would ask what court document? Maybe a short certificate from probate naming the Executor or Administrator. Maybe a marriage certificate. Something to prove u or Mom are related?
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