How do I survive as an unmarried surviving spouse of WWII vet who died in VA hosp in 2001 and I, at 73 and cannot work. How do I live on $1479 Sos Sec? I can't make it. House payment, car insurance, everything, phone, TV. I HAD BETTER DIE SOON. Is this a cruel joke? I cry all the time. I worry about evrything until I am going to die. I have waited 12 months, more, to see a psyciaritust for depression.

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I'll suggest something else. Move to somewhere cheaper. There are many countries in the world you can live very comfortably for $1479/month. In many of these countries that would even pay for assisted living/retirement home in a fairly high end facility. In many of these countries, you will be surrounded by other Americans. There are a lot of Americans that retire overseas. Many Americans that don't travel internationally would be surprised how many Americans don't live in the US. There are American ghettos everywhere.
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Regarding the land-line phone, I disagree with getting rid of it..... never, ever get rid of it as it your life line. If you use a cellphone to call 911, the dispatcher will not know where you are calling from, unless you have the optional payment for a GPS system. If no GPS system that is expensive time lost trying to find the closes cell tower and trying to narrow down the pings. The new TV show 9-1-1 had a similar situation where a land-land would have saved a lot of time and a lot of man power.

With a land-line, when one calls 911 automatically your name and address will show up on the dispatchers screen. So even if the caller is unable to talk due to a stroke, the EMT's can be sent to the house.

If friends come to visit who don't use cellphones, they would not know how to use the owner's cellphone, BUT they would know how to use a land-line if there was an emergency.

As Polar had mentioned, check out Howard Clark's website. He's excellent :)
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my mom lives on $700 per month social security. She does not have a house - sell it. She lives in a 2 bedroom senior apartment pegged to her income - she pays $350 per month. She has a car. She takes advantage of senior services provided by local agency on aging - trips to the doctor cost $2. She gets discounts on heating in the winter. etc. start with the local agency on aging.
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You have an income and expense problem.

For income, you mention house payment, do you own a house?, Does it have equity? If so, sell it. Do you have other valuable things like jewelry, sell them. Hold garage sales, get rid of your junk and make some money at the same time.
You also need to reduce your expenses. If you rent, look for an apartment for low income seniors where you pay no more than 1/3 of your income. Or find a room to rent. That was how my elderly uncle got by on his SS income.
You mention TV payment, get rid of cable TV.
If you have land line, get rid of it. You only need a cell phone. There are many cheap phone plans to choose from. Check out Clark Howard website. He is an expert on all things on saving money.
For your car, seriously consider if you can get by on public transportation. If so you can sell the car, make some money and get rid of the car insurance, gas, and maintenance.
Call your county and ask what public assistance you can qualify for such as food stamps. Many churches have food pantry which can help reduce your food bill.

Are you a spiritual person, if so, do pray or attend church. It might help with your worry and depression.

You have some work to do, so lets get going. Map out your plan and follow it. Working on a plan will empower you and make you worry less.

Good luck to you.
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Survivor, have you contacted your local Area Agency on Aging to find out what resources are available to you? Meals on Wheels, free senior transport? Let us know what you find out.
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