Can you please tell me what my mother needs to bring with her to the VA office for her ex-husband. She is his full-time caregiver and he pays her to care for him with cash money every month. There is something called a countable income. Does she need verification of the cash payments? How would she document this? Thank you.

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"Countable income", technically known as "Income for VA Purposes" or "IVAP" is based on the claimants GROSS income less qualifying unreimbursed medical expenses (including the cost of care) after a small deductible.

And yes, everything needs to be documented. Absent canceled checks and/or receipts, and guessing a written agreement was not executed, write up a statement similar to this:

I (name of careprovider) received $ (total amount paid in 2009) from (name of claimant) in the year 2009. I assisted (name of claimant) in his activities of daily living, specifically (list bathing, dressing, etc.) These fees were paid in cash (check).

I will continue to receive $____ per month for my care giving services in 2009.

signed by caregiver
signed by claimant


This has worked in the guarantees! And for goodness sake, start getting things documented properly, now.

If dad's claim is successful he is going to be audited a year from now and they are going to want to see evidence of all expenses. If they don't have it together, dad will lose whatever he gained.
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