He started receiving his monthly benefit in March. We haven't heard anything from the VA regarding his back pay sine the initial letter in Feb. I have heard that you have to undergo an interview. Would like more details regarding interview process. Such as what I should have prepared.

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It took a little over a year for my Mom to be approved and receive the VA Benefit (Aid and Attendance). Additionally, someone had to make a personal visit to interview to both myself and my Mom before they sent the retroactive lump sum payment. This took a couple more months. The government wheels grind very slowly.....I just didn't count on having this to pay for nursing home care. Once it came, I was able to use it for her care only. They basically need to know how much income the veteran receives and also how much is going out for care. They will also want a couple of references for you, if you are going to become the veteran's fiduciary and in charge of dispersing the money. In my case, my Mom and I live 3000 miles apart, and I doubt very much if my Mom even knew she was being interviewed because she suffers from dementia and short term memory loss. The interview took just a few minutes and they call ahead and let you know exactly what they need. Hope this info helps.
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