my grandpa, who i believe is around 76 years old, is being "discharged." from his current nursing home, because his medical days are up. he is still ill, and is not able to take care of himself. he lives with his 86 year old wife (my grandma.) who honestly, is unable to care for herself. he currently, has no legs, and one functioning arm. he refuses to let his children sign his check over to state, so he can continue living there, and get the help and treatment he needs. their house is worn down. it has no heat, and almost no running water. we have tried to repair it, but it doesn't do any good. we are told, who picks him up on friday is in charge of him. that will be my aunt., when she picks him and takes him home, home health will be there. i have no doubt that they will then charge my aunt with neglect. even though, we have done the best we possibly can. for the record, i'm 18 years old. i am big into law, but have never learned anything about elderly rights. is there anything we can do, to maybe allow him to stay in care, or to prevent any charges? as nobody is able to stay with him, and give him the help he needs. thank you all.

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See if your Grand-Dad can apply and qualify for Medicaid... that way Medicaid will pay for his care in a nursing home. There is no way an 86 year old wife can manage a person who has no ability to be mobile, even if she thinks she can be of help. There comes a time when elders are not making good choices and him not wanting to sign over his check to the State is one of those times.

And if your Grand-Mother is unable to take care of herself, get her qualified with Medicaid and hopefully they can live together at the same facility.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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