I was accused of elderly abuse under false pretenses. How do I obtain a copy of the police report if it's DCFS protected?

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If there is a criminal action you will see the documentation on that when it comes.
Your habit of writing in caps--something that "media" considers to be yelling--should be avoided when you communicate with anyone regarding this matter.
Now, accusations of elderly abuse OFTEN come for crazy reasons such as what I call "Families at war". When APS gets these reports from families not caring for seniors about the family who IS caring for them, they are well aware of it.
Want to know a secret about how to come out shining like a star? Welcome them. Welcome them to your door, into your home, into your record keeping, into the room of the Senior you care for. Speak honestly and frankly to them. Make them a cup of coffee. Tell them that you understand that they are there in an attempt to PROTECT seniors who may have no voice.
More information about exactly what the accusations ARE, and exactly who made the complaints may lead to more advice. If you ever WANT more advice from us.
There isn't one of us here who cannot imagine the pain and chagrin if you are unjustly accused, nor the terror you must feel. Wishing you the best.
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Please don't use capital letters. It means ur screaming and makes it hard to read.

Have DCFS been out to interview you? I would think that is when you will be told the allegations. There will be an investigation and you will be heard. It would help to know what happened that the police got involved. Are you the soul caregiver to the person who is the center of the allegations? We have had a number of people on this forum who someone has falsely accused them. The investigation ended up being a good thing. The accusations were unfounded and they were given resources to help.

So for now, stay calm as possible.
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If you are being charged with a crime you have a right to defend yourself in a court of law and you have a right to see any evidence the State has. You also have the right for attorney and if you can't afford one, one will be appointed for you by the court. So if you have to appear in court you ask the Judge for the copy of the police report and an attorney if you can't afford one yourself
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Do you mind sharing more information?
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