My father could not read, write or drive. He was victimized by a con man who claimed to be his "brother". This con man talked my father into buying a car even though my father could not drive. He took him to Florida where my father rented and paid for a house. This con man got him evicted because he did not pay the rent for 6 months (he controlled the finances since my father was unable to read bank statements and incoming bills). He then made my father buy an RV and moved him out of the county they were living in FL. He changed both of their cell phone #'s and refused any access to my father by family members. My father passed away on May 23, 2020 in a welfare nursing home and was cremeated (against our religion) because he told the Hernando sheriff's dept. they had no relatives even though my father's sister still resided across the street from the house in Port Richey, and I have been at the same address (where they lived for a little while) for 26 years. I have reports from the sheriff's office in Hernando of poor living conditions in the RV; feces and urine soaked floor, filth and no medication for my father even though he needs medication for his heart as he had triple bypass on May 8, 2012. I found out of my father's passing on 9-2-2020. He did not inform anyone of my father's death as he told my uncle, my father's sister's husband 2 days afte she passed that he did not tell me, his only child, of my father's death so I could not "get any money" as I did not know my father was deceased and he gets all of my father's money. Anyone out there who could advise me of what to do? I do not want any money, I just want him not to profit from killing my father.

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Was your father diagnosed with dementia, or did your father make a decision to move with this man?
Did you report to the police the "kidnapping and disappearance " of your father?
Have you informed Police, and what have they told you?
I think there may at this point be nothing that can be done. This will be your story as you have told it to us, and the other man will have his own story for the police such as "He wanted to come with me for the last years of his life, and away from his mean family; we were going to get an RV and tour the country for his last years. He died, and I buried him".
This is an awful story. I am so sorry. Did your father know this person, or did he simply show up on the porch saying "Hi, I am your long lost brother"? Did your Father tell you "Gee, my BRO just showed up; we are moving and getting an RV and touring the country; no sense sitting around".
Did your father simply leave his family, saying noting to anyone about where to forward the mail, saying nothing about where he was going? Was there an estrangement in the family, a rupture in relationships that allowed him to be just gone without police notification?
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What proof do you have that your father had any money for this person to profit from?

If you have some, and it's an amount worth mentioning, then it looks as if your best bet might be to report fraud. Say the man had control of your father's bank account, knew there were substantial funds in it, and then on his behalf claimed he was eligible for admission to a welfare nursing home - that's fraud, right there.

Presumably you've already told the Sheriff's Office all about this: what did they advise?

What strikes me, though, is that there is more to the story. You describe him simply as a conman, but his getting in touch with your uncle by marriage after your aunt's death points to a wider relationship of some sort with your family. What was it?
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I'm so sorry for the tragic loss of your father in such a wrenching way. If this predator knew what he was doing, he probably had your father assign him durable PoA and maybe even executor of his will (that's what the predator in our family did). You would need to talk to an investigator or attorney and you will need to have actual proof of the fraud and abuse. They can only pursue evidence and facts. May you receive peace in your heart no matter what the outcome of your efforts.
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