It’s my roommates wife she is about 60 yrs old maybe 5’0 if that, and 85-95 lbs if that. She has had a long history with abusing drugs from what I’ve heard, only known her for about a year and lived with her almost 6 months. She has a colostomy bag and will not change it how she should. Won't clean up after she’s done in the bathroom, just lays in my roommates bed and empties it in a tiny trash can or lets it leak all over. I have watched her lay on what looks to be puppy pads and just let them leak all over the place. That has to be a biohazard. IDK maybe I’m wrong, it’s gross though and absolutely uncalled for. Last time coming home from the hospital these are the things that happened. She is currently in the hospital right now, was on pain management but was cut off due to dirty urines. She has been in the hospital 3-4 times in a month from an OD to being in pain and so on and so fourth!!! I can not handle it anymore and no one is doing anything about it. She has social workers that come to the house and everything. I guess she puts a face on for everyday and everyone. I need help and I need it now. I’m at my wits end I’m not sure what to do anymore. PLEASE HELP😩😭😭😩

You have to move out. This Drama is not ur problem.
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You poor love, I'm so sorry for the situation you're dealing with.

Try these people

for information about support groups in your area. There's quite a long list of them, including some for specially for children.

People like your roommate's wife are incredibly difficult to help, and I'm sorry for him and her for that reason. But if they're difficult to help, they're *impossible* to live with; and besides, she's got whole teams of people chasing their tails trying to support her. Make getting yourself and your little one out of there your absolute top priority.
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Could you find another roomate that you could move in with or maybe rent a room? In my city we have places were you rent a room for x amount of dollars a week. This usually helps people to save money. Just a thought.

Good Luck
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Find a new place to live.

If social workers are witnessing her vile bathroom habits, obviously it is not anything that needs intervention. (Not in their world anyway)

I would contact the social workers supervisor and report, take pictures and videos if possible.

It's your roommate's wife, you will never win, seriously, find some place else to live.
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Bunnylove92 Nov 1, 2018
Well here’s the crazy thing about their marriage they kinda just got married but was never actually really loyal or in love my roommate is truly a pushover and don’t know how to tell anyone NO!!!! And because of her not having anyone who’s gives a crap about her and she has nowhere to go that’s why he just keeps letting her back in. Your answer was very much helpful I would like to contact these people without them knowing it’s me I dont know if that’s possible I’m in VA idk if that helps any at all. I wish moving was an option right now my child was just recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and the expenses from that are just out of this world so a move isn’t possible at the moment unfortunately. Thanks for your help it’s mucch appreciated
I know this is not what you want to hear but if I were you, I would move.
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