Or a Dialysis Clinic to accept her? PT, OT, Nurses, techs. Cannot find anyone who will come to the home to provide Dialysis. There is no problem with will pay. My Mom wants to come home. If we can find Nephrologist and/or Clinic to accept her Mom can go home. She will have all other help she needs. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, RN's, and Aides are available. I need someone to come out to do the dialysis three times a week or a Dialysis Clinic to allow her to be transported three times a week to their clinic for dialysis. Home Care is the most desirable, however, a Rehab facility would also be great if they would accept her with both the Ventilator and provide dialysis.

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It is possible for a trained caregiver to give the dialysis at home but it is very time consuming. peritoneal dialysis is another option where a tube is permanent placed in her belly and fluid is pumped in and drained out. I have never done it or been involved in that type of care but it can be done. I see no reason why a dialysis clinic would you do it if you can find a way to get her there.
I am assuming at this point she is extremely sick and this would be totally exhausting and she may decide it is just too much and decide to discontinue.
Depending on the severity of her kidney disease she would probably pass within two weeks. At this time she would qualify for Hospice if this a ouse you wish to take. They would not in all probability continue the dialysis but might if it is home based.
It is understandable that she wants to be at home for whatever time she has left but while she wants to continue with life sustaining treatment it just may not be possible. In any case it should be possible to bring her home if dying at home is very important but she will need 24 hour care which it sounds as though you can have in place. I don't know how the Hoapice would deal with the machinery for the vent, they certainly provide oxygen, hospital bed etc at no cost, but very rarely 24 hour care.
As Pam Stegma said it it is probably better for Mom to remain where she is and will be less exhausting for her than being transported three times a week.
never discount the exhaustion this may give the patient and really impact her quality of life
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Maruje, there would also be a major issue to transport the dialysis equipment to someone's home. Honestly, it's just not a realistic possibility.

Have you tried local paratransit services, such as through the closest large public transit organization in your area? They could provide 3x weekly transport if you arranged it, so could various ambulette companies (with vehicles resembling the EMS vehicles.

Someone we met in a SNF over a decade ago required 3x weekly dialysis; his family arranged for this type of ambulette service for him to be taken to dialysis.

Contact your local transit agency first and ask about the paratransit or small bus or point to point service. If that doesn't work, research private ambulances, ambulettes, small bus, point to point transit, in your area.

Alternately, research your area for SNFs and long term care facilities,, contact them and ask if they provide both ventilator and dialysis services. I suspect it might be difficult to find one that has dialysis equipment. It's a costly investment for perhaps a limited number of patients.

You might also contact local or national diabetes associations re resources for dialysis locally; they might have lists of companies providing it in your area, then you could contact them to see if they have any transportation suggestions.

Good luck; I hope you find something that works with yours and your mother's situation.
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Home care may be what you want, but the cost of medical transport with a vent will be outrageous. All patients want to come home, but in some cases, it is neither safe nor cost effective.
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