I helped with my mom & dad while I worked. They were in a rehab then things became a nightmare. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. It started when my dad started with trouble with his right hip and heart and then Myelodysplastic Syndrome. I am the oldest & helped totally. This all started around 2006. I Took my dad to get the injections, was with him and helped after hip surgery and heart stent. Using FMLA and time before work & after. My mom had a stoke in 2008. My dad tried to pick her up and they both fell, my friend saw an EMS truck at the house & called me at the hospital. I waited in ER for them. My mom's face was drawn, I knew when she was coming out of the EMS truck what happened. My dad had bruised his hip but was better than my mom. In hospital for days then to a rehab for a long while for both. My mom could not stand up could not swallow good and very weak, her left side was affected. I worked with her for over a year to help her walk slowly again as they were in an assisting living for both temp. Daily I was with them watching all medications like a hawk. My dad fell in the shower because of cleaning or something sprayed causing the substance left on bottom of tub & floor to be slippery . He grabbed shower curtain he said and fell backwards & hit his head on toilet. ER says nothing wrong but I knew there was. X-rays re done he had fractured multiple vertebrae's in his back. He had to have (kyphoplasty) which is cemented vertebrae's at his age of 92 or 93 in 2009 then he caught germs in hospital. During this time I took my mom out of assisting living found out she was not getting her Blood pressure medicine. Then they found the bottle they said in an overstock drawer. I had to take my mom to the ER, my dad was already there. I had to leave the hospital to go get my mom and she stayed over night because of her condition of not having meds she should have had. Took her with me to work everyday while I worked, let her stay up in the room with my dad some to elevate her feet and took her lunch while I worked there at the hospital. The hospital released him, that night he went home with me. My brother or sister did not come help take him. I took him after I got off from work. Before he left hospital he told them he felt nauseated and had pain in his chest. They said he was ok, that evening I had to take him to the hospital! I thought he was having a heart attack. I took him to a different hospital. They did all kind of tests. Found out he had some kind of a gram positive results and needed a different antibiotic than what the other hospital had been giving him and that he should not had left the hospital still sick. It all led to him going back in the hospital again and he is with pneumonia and got better after a week or two, went into rehab and there they had a sign on wall high risk for falls and he was getting better to go home it seemed after a week or two but then I got a call saying my dad had fell about 3 hours before and they found him in the bathroom on his back with his head under a portable toilet with a broken hip, This was a different side than the broke hip in 2006 or 2007. They had taken him to hospital and he has C-Diff he caught at the rehab.! My dad passed away. I never had help with him during all of this and me taking care of my mom also. I am overwhelmed could not accept my dad not here and still don't he passed in March 2009. My mother was to visit with my sister and brother as I was told. I found later after about a month when my mom called me to come get her; they had put her in a place and told her not to call me or tell any one where she was. I was in shock! I had a flat tire when I got the call. Had it repaired and drove over 100 miles about 1 way to try and find my mom where she described being. I took her to a lawyer about 70 miles away closer to home and he stopped their POA but it was to late to get her personal things because they had moved all her Money and transferred her home and land. Hired lawyers, because they had put it in an irrevocable trust in 2009 and my mom said she didn't know that the POA was durable she was told it was a medical POA Power of Attorney.. But they took everything. Made themselves beneficiaries and fiduciaries over it all. And I'm the only one taking care of her since 2009. She fell and broke her hip March 2015 and had to go in hospital at age 97 almost 98 then and had a hip replacement. She caught C-Diff. I was devastated. I stayed with her day and night as I always helped my dad. I was in quarantine with my mom. They transferred her to re-hab/nursing home with the C-Diff. She was in quarantine there also. The YOGURT with the GOOD Bacteria saved her from letting all the bad bacteria take over and kill her like it did my dad. I made her eat it, it took almost an hour because of her swallowing problem to eat the little Activia yogurt container. She fell 03/31/15 that's when she went to the ER for falling. pg1-Continued

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