My mom has been severely depressed since the death of her sister last month. She doesn't want to do anything, except watch tv and sit around the house. She won't hardly eat and sleeps often. She used to be so active, now I can't get her to move. Should I take her to a doctor for this or something?

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Get her to a doctor this week if possible for her depression. Ask
the Doc. about a B-12 shot to give her some energy.
She will lay around for months if she doesnt get help from a Doctor.
Make sure if she doesnt respond to the medication that the Doctor is kept informed. Dont hesitate to question the Doctor about dosage changes & even changing the Rx if she doesnt respond.
Take her to an Adult Day Care where she can be with her peers. They will keep her involved.
It will be very hard for you to get her to respond but you must keep working at it.
Does she have grandkids if so get them involved. If she likes animals, get her a cat or small dog. (At least maybe a trip to the zoo.)
Get her outside as often as possible, even if she just sits in the yard watching the birds.
If she goes to church, get them to come to the house to visit. if she doesnt go to church, call a Pastor or Priest to come visit anyway.
I went through this with my Mother, it was along road. The depression Rx did help.
One last thing, get her some high quality vitamins from a vitamin store not the grocery store or Walmart.
Good luck & keep fighting for her recovery.
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