Over the past six or seven months I have notice certain oddities about my mothers dementia.

1. Her sundowning is worse when she is lying down. She's fine if she sleeps in her recliner.

2. While sundowning she will call me by the names of other family members. Even my sisters ex-husband.

3. While sundowning she will threaten to call 911 if you don't answer every question.

What have you noticed?

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Calling 911 in emergency 🚨. If Threatening to call 911 and do it. I never knew in life I met new friends locally and have their names because I ask when they leave to provide their card and I’ll send a letter to their captain 👨‍✈️ for appreciation of their services. Captain replied in letter and understood my situation responded via letter thanking me. I never thought in my life I would ever have collection of police 👮 cards and I also don’t want to make a full deck like as in playing cards ♠️ ♣️ ♥️ ♦️
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I have noticed certain things over the course of the progression.

Early on there were constant repetitions. She would tell me that she loved me or that she needed cat food, every minute or two for hours. She just didn't realize that she had just said it 30 seconds previously. I also never knew before that people who have dementia like to piddle with things, like move objects, hide items, take things apart, tear them down, etc. So, you really have to watch and dementia proof your house.

Later on she thought people were different from who there were. She thought that her female roommate, who had short hair and wore jeans, was an old male friend of hers. It worked out great, because she was just so happy to be roommates with Robbie (Not the actual one). I didn't dissuade her. '

Not too long ago she started with patting things with her hand. She will pat the wall, the bed, the table, her leg, etc. She'll normally do it 3-5 times. Usually, not very hard. I've looked into repetitive motion to see more about it and it's not uncommon.

And, now, she seems so frail. She eats good, but, still just looks frail. I've looked at the Frailty scale and discussed it withe her doctor and the Hospice nurse. Her body is so weak. She's actually like an infant now. It's amazing to see how she's progressed in 4 years. I know that the public often think that dementia is just about losing memory. They don't realize how it affects the entire body.
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It being worse when she is laying down would be something I would bring to the doctors attention. Sounds like she is not getting enough oxygen to her brain.
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Gremlin Aug 2018
I think it has more to do with poor circulation. When she lies down the blood flow suddenly increases to her brain and she ramps up to verbal mania.
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