Reverse sundowners? Mom is more compliant and easier to get along with by the afternoon. Anyone else?


Mom isn't very pleasant in the mornings. Sullen and defiant would be the best descriptors. By late afternoon she usually cheers up and wants to interact instead of shutting herself off in her room. It seems as if she has reverse sundowners. Anyone else experience this? I've also thought it could just be that she's not a morning person and it just takes her a while.



I do wake her, but generally not before 9 and i give her at least an hour to get up, toilet (she can still do that alone), get dressed, general waking behavior. She doesn't eat right away. I try to give her as much space and autonomy as possible. As I said, She may just not be a morning person.
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You haven't told us anything about what your mom was like before or what her normal morning routine was like or what you are trying to accomplish in the morning, BUT - if you were trying to get me up at a scheduled time in the morning and feed me and insist on a shower before I've had my coffee and chilled out for a while I would not be pleasant to be around. And don't expect a cheerful "good morning" or conversation either.
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You don’t say what your mornings are like, but if they’re like mine, taking care of bedridden hubby and five animals before I even have coffee, well, I get a little touchy too. However, one of the things we know about Alzheimer’s is that we don’t know anything. Or not much anyway. My mom had Sundowning, but her version was not knowing night from day. Having her shades pulled down tight because she was paranoid about being spied on didn’t help.

It may take your mom a few hours, into the afternoon, to settle into a routine. Stiff joints loosen up and Morning Fog dissipates and she’s ready to face the day.

Respect her privacy and let her stay in her room as long as she needs. When she makes her daily appearance, greet her with a smile and a snack if she wants one. If she becomes too cantankerous and out of sorts, make sure to have her tested for a urinary tract infection.
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