Interested to learn more about the caregiver point of view and what type of consistent needs and services they seek when caring for loved one in home setting, etc.. whether you live in northern LA area or Southern LA

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If you have someone coming into the home: honesty, good work ethics, dependable and responsible, level headed-doesn't panic in an emergency, ability to adapt to client's needs, positive attitude, willingness to learn, an all of the above. If you are the primary caregiver, you want someone to come into your home who is personable and dependable. You may have appointments or errands that you will have to miss because of an irresponsible in home provider. Always check references-this is a must. Good luck
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Caregivers need respite care -- babysitters who will follow SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS, and provide some accountability that they have done what you asked. Even if they are just there to heat up a meal and feed the elder, or put on a video for them, they need to write a report in the Care Notebook, check off the to-do's on the checkoff list, and document the amount of food and water the elder was able to consume when fed, the number of diaper changes and quantity of output, the state of mind and interaction with the elder. Communication with the Caregiver is vital. They need to recognize that the Caregiver is operating as the Operations Manager, dealing with finances, nutrition, rehab, environment upkeep, on a wider scope, and that their assistance is a part of a bigger picture. They need to be a calming presence as well, consistently pleasant and upbeat. They need to speak slowly and clearly (not high-pitched chirpy cheerfulness). They need to BE ON TIME, on a regular schedule (otherwise the Caregiver cannot make appointments and outside employment.) They need to be bonded and background-checked. They need to have references and the Caregiver needs access to previous clients to check the references. They need to understand the seriousness and lethal potential of pressure ulcers, and not say "oh she was sleeping so well I didn't want to disturb her" instead of turning her on time.
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