Caregiver returning to work. Anyone experience this?

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Has anyone had experience with returning to work after caregiving? I am beginning to look for a position and not sure how to add this gap on my resume. (By the way, I returned to school after my loved one passed so that added another two years to unemployment)

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I would explain the gap in time in the cover letter attached to the resume, keep it simple.
Here are my thoughts for your resume:

Year/Date: Job Title
Job description

Year/Date: School or Institution
Degree or certification, if any
Brief description of skills acquired from the education/training

Year/Date: Caregiver

Brief description, such as:
- Scheduling medical appointments
- Consulting with medical personnel,
- Monitoring medications
- Coordinating activities
- Housekeeping
Do not apologize for caregiving. Caregiving is a growing industry. Caregivers are responsible, hard working, dedicated, and extraordinarily patient. These attributes are coveted by employers.
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Hi Diane -

Thanks for your great question. A few approaches can present your concrete skills to your new employer effectively and increase your chances of getting a new position.

Order your resume based upon experience (not chronologically). This way your hiring manager will see your skills and how you can help him / her reach the goals of the business.

I like the suggestion of the first commenter. In your cover letter spend two sentence explaining the situation. Say something like, "I believe my experience in X (list previous work experience) makes me a strong candidate for the Y (list the position. Following caring for my ill Z (fill in family member) and attending school at M (fill in school name) to increase my skills I am eager to speak with you about your group and how I can add value to your organization."

Notice the order. Start with their needs, follow with how your work experience helps them reach their goals, and end with the context on your recent history.

I hope this helps!

Age discrimination in current hiring practices is rampant, but near impossible to prove. Highlight all the training you have completed during your caregiving sabbatical. I agree you should not address the employment gap in your resume, but rather as a brief explanation in your cover letter that leads back to all the training and coursework you completed while unemployed. Current technology skills are key, many public libraries and community colleges offer very affordable computer courses. Additionally you can look to your state department of aging to see what resources are available. There are employers who partner with the NYS dept of aging to hire workers aged 55+, of course you need the requisite skills but at least the employers are age friendly. Nonprofits tend to be age friendly and offer excellent benefits although pay rates can be low. Keep positive and best of luck.
The FMLA (Family Leave Medical Act) was desinged for people who had to go off the job to take care of their loved ones. You could add that to your resume.
I did not create a break. I simply put the truth, I chose to quit my banking position to care for my mother with Alzheimer's disease. This lead me down a different career path for about 9 plus years and realized that I have excellent skills with patients and would be a great fit for your company.

Also, include or I always get a reference letter typed,
Life is a journey, not a Race
Lifivefull, what company?
I meant livelifefull, sorry.
Thanks everyone! I've conducted a little more online research since I posted this and all of your suggestions are right on target. :) Thank you for your comments!

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