My granddaughter called APS stating that my mentally challenged grandson is being aggressive without me and it's not true. What can I do?

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It says you are caring for your father. So you care fulltime for a special needs grandson too. Is the granddaughter his sister or cousin. Why does she feel he is aggressive and how old is he? Maybe you don't feel it's aggressiveness or you can handle it. Even though he is challenged Doesn't mean he Doesn't have the strength of a man and the hormones too. Being mentally challenged, he does not realize how strong he is and can hurt you seriously. APS will have to investigate. They may find in your favor so I would wait on the lawyer.

I am in sort of the same boat. My sister died leaving a son who my brother raised until he was 18 at which time my Mom thought he should come here to live. Right now he and a Gson are living in Moms house tillbits sold or I find a place for nephew. I am 68 and done caregiving unless my husband. My nephew has a neurological problem that will cause Dementia like symptoms as he ages and sooner than the average person. When I an 80 he will be 40. I will not be able to care for him. So, I am trying to get him help now. Maybe this is what your granddaughter is trying to do. It will come abtimevwhen he will need more than u can give.
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I think you need to get a lawyer for your grandson. Does the granddaughter have any evidence or witnesses?
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