I do not seem to "fit" here but maybe some of you can advise me.

Although I have read some great content here that has helped me have a better understanding of the complexities of caregiving, and given me some useful tools and ideas, I find that quite often when I reach out for support, I am met with criticism or judgment. Maybe I am just not skilled at "venting"? But, at this point, what I could really use is advice on my own health and well-being since I am no longer a full-time caregiver, but need support in regards to the condition I'm in as an aging person myself.

Any ideas?

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If you google "senior health forums" you will find a few. There is no reason you can't belong to more than one!
As for the hurtful comments, people are going to have differing opinions when you post, we are a community of people from varied backgrounds, ages and locations. I seldom see people being deliberately cruel.
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CR, I'm sorry if you've received any harsh and/or judgemental treatment!

I think you might consider starting your own discussion thread, titled something like " But what about MY health?".

I have gained lots of weight and don't get enough exercise. I am less efficient at doing things ( housekerping, shopping, cooking) because, I think, of the near constant drumbeat if " what ifs" with mom.
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