About six months ago, I was on social media and came across a posting regarding help with choosing a Medicare supplemental insurance plan. The posting offered to save me a lot of money and help me choose a plan tailored to my needs. I was foolish enough to fill out the form on the website and included my phone number. Almost immediately, I began getting calls from insurance agents, dozens an hour. The calls come from all over the United States. It does no good to “opt out” of the call because you will continue receiving others from other cities and states. The calls died down for a while bit since Open Enrollment for Medicare Advantage started today, I’ve again been getting dozens and dozens of calls and now they are leaving recorded voicemails. I’ve had 15 today alone.

Please do not give out your phone number to these sites. You will absolutely regret it!

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Unfortunately, I think that even if you don't put your phone number on a form on a website, you might get phone calls like this. My ex-husband turned 65 this year, but I have several years to go. We've been divorced for more than three years, and I live in what used to be our marital home. I regularly receive calls about Medicare supplement plans on the landline phone. And until he FINALLY changed his address this year (yes, more than three years after the divorce!), flyers and envelopes with Medicare information came regularly.
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Thank you.
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Yikes...thanks for the heads up! It's always something somebody's after, isn't it? :(
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