i recently finished my qualification as a healthcare assistant and was approached by a friend of my family looking for care for their father in his own home.
he is an elderly gentleman with mobility issues he is very unstable on his feet. he is after suffering a few strokes and has had heart surgery.
they want me to look after him a few mornings a week taking him out for walks and keeping him company.
has anybody any helpful tips that will help me be the best i can be ?
they want me to help him walk but im quite afraid he will fall and because he is so heavy i will not be able to stop him if he does collapse.
he is walking with the help of me and a simple zimmer frame , is there any better options for him?
ive told them i will require a waist belt when i`m with him which they have got for me but im still afraid he will fall. i only ever bring him short distances should i raise this concerns with the family or will this make me look unable to perform the tasks they require of me? has anybody any advice they can give me or is anybody in the same situation and can give me tips on how to do my job safely

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I'm not a certified caregiver but it seems to me that you should not attempt to walk this fellow if you're not confident you can do it safely. Express your concerns to the family.
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