Her blood pressure and diabetic numbers are good. She is aware of her surrounding and very conscience.

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BestFamily, do you remember what kind of shoes she was wearing? Why I asked is that I had my first real fall a month ago and I fell off my shoes :P

The shoes were sandals with an inch heel... just enough that when I crossed over a crack in the parking lot it threw me off balance, and down I went.
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my father was on oxygen at night. He had a fall and it wasn't until later that we realized he should have been on oxygen 24/7.
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She sounds like one spry 80 year YOUNG lady! Good for her!

Absent any other conditions that might cause falling, and not being a medical person, I can only guess that perhaps a "light meal" lacking protein, combined with diabetes, might have made her light headed. I'm assuming also that it wasn't overly hot, she wasn't dehydrated, and that she was wearing good walking shoes.

Or perhaps she just lost her balance; that happens to me a lot, especially when I'm not paying attention.

I'm also discounting something obvious like tripping on a sidewalk.

Assuming this is a first time occurrence, I would start a full workup by the doctors mentioned in my first post, just to make sure that you're not missing anything.

I'm especially thinking of cardiovascular issues, including carotid artery status; that was one of the aspects checked when my father was falling. It also might not hurt to have an orthopedic surgeon check for arthritis in her legs, knees, ankles and feet.

I'm also assuming that she stands straight when she walks; it's easy to bend over because of osteoarthritis or osteoporosis and lose balance.
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Thanks for the questions GardenArtist
1. I only know of blood pressure & diabetic meds, however she does take calcium pills. I'll check.
2. Her mobility is excellent and she walks unassisted. She walks to exercise.
3. It happened this morning, it was sunny outside.
4. She said her numbers were good, but she only had a light meal.
5. The fall was outside at the bus stop. She was walking to the bus stop.
6. She said she knew she was falling
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More information is needed. What other medical conditions does she have? Is her mobility good? Does she walk unassisted? Was her diabetes under control at the time of the fall? What was she doing at the time of the fall? Had she had a good meal earlier or just something sugary?

Was the fall inside or out? If inside, are there grab bars installed, are there rugs or other trip hazards inside? If outside, was it rainy? Was it while going down steps?

Falling episodes can be considered syncopatic episodes but you'd need to have a physical workup to eliminate other causes. I would take the woman (relative??) to her cardiologist, neurologist and any other specialties recommended either by them or another doctor to explore all the possibilities.

More information is really needed to provide an answer.
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