My mother is pooping on herself, down the toilet, the floor, and then wiping with a washcloth and hanging back on the towel rack. She's soiling her clothes and then putting them on the floor. We are using Depends, disposable bed pads, etc., but I would appreciate any other suggestions....I'm TIRED.

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She will need timely reminders to use the bathroom. Ask her if she feels wet or check the diaper by squeezing. She now needs full supervision and maybe 24 hour care so you can get some sleep. If she is getting out of bed on her own, you can purchase one of those pressure sensitive alarms
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When a Caregiver has the sort of situation you have described, we usually recommend that the person they are caring for be more closely supervised in the bathroom. That doesn’t mean you need to follow her in and stare at her, but when she reaches for a washcloth, gently take it away and hand her a wad of toilet paper. Try to determine when she needs to go and get her to the toilet before it’s a done deed. If she is suffering from loose stools that make it difficult for her to control, speak with her doctor about her diet. People with dementia often don’t recognize the signs that they need to move their bowels. Encouraging her to use the toilet every few hours may help. Also, of you don’t have a handicap accessible toilet, you might want to get one.
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