No mater how I protect the bed and my husband, ( Depends ) he manages to wet himself all over and the sheets, cover, and quilt. He is a restless sleeper. I have a large pad on the mattress which is over the mattress protector, then plastic over that, then the sheet, then another lined pad over that. He wears Depends with a pad inside. He still manages to wet everything. My laundry room is across the courtyard with many steps and doors. OMG I am beside myself. Any helpful suggestions ?

Have you thought of trying a Condom Catheter? This would direct urine into a bag eliminating the need for much of what you are doing.
I could not use these for my Husband as he would have tried to remove it.
I had the same problem as you describe. He did what I called.."re-positioning himself" as he would "fiddle" with himself. And his skin folds would also direct urine down along his upper thigh as opposed to the front of the brief.
Is there a way that you could get a hospital type bed with a mattress that is easily cleanable so you have less to worry about. Yes the sheets still need to be washed but there is no need for a protective mattress pad.
I pushed the hospital bed right up against our bed and when I made the bed I put his blanket so that it would partially be on the regular bed so it just looked like one HUGE bed. He never questioned if he was in the same bed or not. As he declined I was able to move the bed so it was easier to get the Sit to Stand and later the Hoyer Lift up to his bed.
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thank ya'll for suggestions. I will try them all !!!
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Sounds terrible! That’s a lot of work for you to clean up.

I don’t understand how he’s able to wet through the plastic sheet. (You probably don’t understand either! Lol!) From top to mattress you have a pad, sheet, plastic, mattress protector, and another pad, then the mattress. In my mind, I would want fewer layers on top of the plastic, especially if he moves a lot, all these layers must get bunched up and wet.

Have you looked into a peapod mats? Someone else mentioned it in a similar post, and their website says it holds up to 6 cups and can be washed like a regular towel. Breathable, but waterproof, so don’t worry if sheets underneath feel cool. Apparently, they’re not wet.

I (kind of) wish I could speak from experience, but my husband doesn’t urinate due to kidney failure. If you search the forum for this topic, you’ll find many other suggestions.
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Thank you for asking this question. I've been on the hunt as well.

Normal was mattress protector and three liners (puppy pads). Then I tried a very thick garbage bag, two depends, and three bed liners. I don't know if the results are the same because can't trust sister to leave things a few days as I try. But so far, every morning everything is off the bed and soiled clothes in the hamper for days. Daughter and I have managed to keep her dry during the day with two spaced out visits.

I've talked to hospice and my employer. Their suggestion is that whoever watches her at night needs to help mom to pot during the night.

I've recently added Lysol laundry sanitizer to my washing regimen.

Please update if you find a solution or if anyone has a solution.
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Try putting a second Depends on your husband before bed so he's wearing 2 pair of Depends.

Your pads are lined with vinyl?
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Grandma1954 Aug 5, 2019
The outer portion of incontinence products is a waterproof barrier. Placing 2 Depends or other incontinence product on someone will not absorb as it should. There are inserts that are intended for this purpose.

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