I have two aides that stay with my mom 24-7 in my mom's home. one stays three days and the other four days. I give them a tip every month and was wondering if anyone does this and if so how much do you give them?

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My Dad's caregivers were from an Agency but there was nothing in the paperwork about giving tips or holiday gifts. I even emailed the Agency and asked them, and they didn't seem to mind whatever I wanted to do.

Last Christmas the first time my Dad had full time caregivers. I had a schedule of the caregivers, new one each week, so I could tell who put in the most regular time. I gave those caregivers Target gift cards.
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The agency contract spelled out that I shouldn't be giving anything of value to the aides.

If your aides are independent you can do as you please. Instead of a tip, though, have you considered increasing their wages a tad?

My sisters and I periodically brought treats into Mom's nursing home, for the staff. This seemed very well received. Everybodys like knowing that they are appreciated. I think that even from an agency, aides can be given a box of chocolates or a loaf of banana bread, etc. as a token of appreciation.
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While it's very kind of you to tip your aides it isn't necessary and if they work for an agency they've been advised not to accept tips.
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