My mother is on Medicare and social security, I do not want want to put her in a home. I need help caring for her in her own home.

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What type of help as you asking about? Caregiving help or financial help?

Usually the vast majority of grown children do not get paid for caring for their parent, unless the parent can pay them from their own retirement funds.

If you help at home, can your Mom afford to pay for professional caregivers to come into the house [if she will allow strangers in the house, some elders refuse]. Professional licensed caregivers from an Agency charge $20 to $30 per hour.

If your Mom has social security but the amount is low and she has no pension from working, then see if Mom can be approved for Medicaid. You would need to call your State Medicaid office to see what are the rules, regulations, and programs available as each State is different. Hopefully your State could offer an Aide to come by for a few hours to help you. Or maybe the State could pay you to be Mom's caregiver but it would be minimum wage and short hours.

Now, depending on your Mom's health, if she is unable to do anything for herself, then she may qualify for free nursing home care through Medicaid. It's work checking into, as caregiving can be extremely exhausting work for one person.
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