Brother's girlfriend lied on the phone telling the reverse mortgage company that she was my mom to get up to 10,000 from what was left for reverse mortgage. She patched her phone number. I knew something was up because she acted fast and would not communicate with me. She lied, committed fraud and tried to cover it. Waiting to see if mortgage company actually believed her.
In the meantime, I had to close an account due to fraudulent activity. I did not give anyone permission to use mother's credit card. Account was closed by me, as I had been joint for representative on card. Closed due to security breech.
My brother and I were joint Power of Attorney, but I gave him full power of health proxy due to his refusal to let mother go. He revised will without my written consent and signature. I don't want anything, but I am really amazed at what is happening here with his significant other.

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My sibling did the same thing. Took my 95 year old mom to a lawyer & had them draft new DPOA & amended trust to his specifications.

In order to fight them it’ll cost a lot in legal fees especially since they can use principal’s money to fight any lawsuits. The real person who suffers is Mom whose wishes aren’t fulfilled & the only people who benefit are the abusers & the lawyers.

Her mother probably just trusted her son & signed whatever papers were put in front of her.
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You need an Elder Law Attorney to move forward. Health care proxy isn't involved here; this is legal stuff. He cannot revise the will with a Mom if she has diagnosis of dementia. Take all your facts and see an attorney. I am uncertain how you could know about this whole "phone patching" and getting 10,000, but take all your proof with you to the attorney and see if you need now to file police reports. I am assuming you have financial poa as you say you closed credit and bank accounts. Wishing you luck. Hope you update us.
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Mother had the will written with me first for Durable Health Power of Attorney and Financial power of attorney. If I decided to step down, he was to take over.

I gave him health proxy when he refused morphine drip in hospital. I told him he had gone against her wishes and she did not want to suffer indignity with end of life care. Doctors also refused morphine due to interference with family arguing at nursing station.

My mother put me on as the Angel of Death. She knew I would do it. She was angry that DNR was screwed up. Got tired of abuse and turned it all over.
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how did your brother revise the will? Only your mother could have done that. You also couldn’t have given him a full POA—again something only your mom can do.....
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