The best description I've ever received is that this can be, for your loved one, too stimulating, too much change. It is the equivalent of shaking their personal snow globe. And I got that advice from a friend whose hubby had, what was thought to be, EARLY ONSET, but turned out to be lewy body.

However, I think it is true across the board with anyone with dementia. I've seen it with my mother, and with others.

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Leave them where they are. Don't shake their snow globe. Meet them where they are now, not where you wish they were.
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Your mother has too many health problems to be going anywhere than where she is. Peace, just let it be.
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I think we want to get them out for a change of scenery. Maybe a little guilt thrown in. But they do better leaving them where they are. My Moms last outing was Thanksgiving 2016 she was in an AL. Surprisingly, she did well. But I am small so don't have the strength or leverage to help her in and out of cars. She declined monthly until she passed 9/17.
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