My mom needs socialization & a hobby. She used to do word puzzles but now that she's lost her eye sight, she get bored & sad at times & I feel very helpless especially when on the days when her memory seems to be worse. Her physical strength seem to diminishing at times too. She enjoys going out & talking to people & loves the sound of children. She'll hug, cuddle, & kiss them as often as she can & wants them to sit on her lap frequently ( she grew up w/large family & the people/children voices is a second nature to her. Life is simply incomplete w/out them. Unfortunately the grandkids live across the country & she sometimes has a hard time remembering that they're almost adults.
Is there an organization that has young kids/adults or families that visit the elderly in their homes to give them company, even if it's just for an hr or two??? I simply need her mind to be challenged... whether it be spelling, counting, getting up & doing a boogie dance, or just s/one to talk to... If not, there ought to be one... wonder how I could start s/thing like that???

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Hello mbr101,

I would contact your local Area Agency on Aging as they will be able to direct you to any support groups locally. The link to their site is below.

I hope this helps.

Warm regards,
Melissa R.
The Team
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